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And no matter how many pretty pictures I shoot, I will never solve the pineapple accident



Nothing is as rich as the treasure of a shared memory. If I look among my greatest memories, if I write melodies for the ones that truly counted. I will find that they are ones no fortune could have brought me. But ones from trials endured together with friends. 

Where my happiness is found is in the beating hearts of those who share my life, but to design. Life has spread us out. Though it is not a bitter thing to mourn. Cause when our paths cross, it is manifested happiness and joy that greet us with memory of each other.  

I figure the best way to water the oak of friendship is to jump into a shitty car and drive, travel anywhere you can go. Eat P and J's every night, sleep on beaches, climb cliffs to a view of the sea. Indulge into each others playlist. Indulge in each other. There is no buying the stars you will sleep under, no riches that can provide the warmth of a companion. 

In old age I hope more than anything, to be able to sit gaily in the shade of a tall oak tree. 


For the first time in the past nine years. We all live on the same hill. We have family dinners every week, we walk the dog together, we celebrate together, two of us are getting married… to each other, one of us is officiating the wedding, one of us started a touring company, which had a hilarious trial run that we will never forget, one of us quits their job, one of us dates the wrong girl, all of us hike a 400,000km trail, one of us always exaggerates how long the trail was, one of us shits their pants, all of us go to Bowen, all of us go to Jones Lake, all of us go to apex, one of us has their aunt diagnosed with cancer, one of us has their mom diagnosed with cancer, one of us falls in love, two of us get Santa photos, two of us get revenge Santa photos, all of us set up a pool in the backyard, all of us get way to drunk, one of us writes a lot of good songs, three of us go to mgmt on mushrooms, one of us picks us up safely, the four of us get older.

Just two fast minutes away, sits an old ranch house full of people I cannot describe my love for. So many shared memories, so many bad times endured together, and though it’s been a rough year, nothing puts me more at ease than sitting on that tiled kitchen floor and being in their company.

And I know that we won’t always have that same kitchen floor, Life and time will do its thing. But I know somewhere down the line, they’ll be another kitchen floor. And maybe we have even grown in number by then.




JUNE 2017

We all love, It's the compelling bit that gets us out of bed and turning on the coffee pot. We all have it in common and love should be this beautiful connecting piece. But it got divided into these "subgenres" (for lack of a better word) We label people as "gay or bi, or straight". Why can't it just be love. Why can't we just connect on that we all want to love and be loved. Why is two guys or girls cuddling together in public a subject of right or wrong? That's love. It's the exact same love a guy and girl can feel together. There is no difference. But has been labelled as if it is. And I think thats caused a lot of people to be uncomfortable with it. And in security, these people have built their peace in ignorance and routine. How many of us has society escorted to a place of labelling to further divide. Their talk has spread and painted their prison walls in which they have tried to lock us in. 

If you're reading this and you identify as 'straight, gay or bi', I don't care. You love. The same way I do. Love is love. I don't want to label it any more than that. I want you to love whoever you want to love. It's the brightest part of you, Let your love be seen, And be fucking proud to be loved.



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Paul flipped music on it's head for me. Before Paul started to teach me, I was only a punk drummer. That's what I thought of myself. Music was power chords and eighth note drumming. Then one of the first days he grabbed a space echo and made this feedback loop off a vocal line and put it underneath the song. It was laser like and sane, as soon as I heard the outcome it was like a simple door had opened in my mind to a place where I could see myself doing anything with music. I started to pick up synthesizers and play them, guitars, piano, bass. I started to write my own songs. Which is something I never thought I could do. Never even tried. 

There's a lot I owe to Paul when it comes to my relationship with music. He's taught me a lot of the technical, like eq and compression, all the knob turning thrils. But passion, compassion and openiness (not a word) is what 

Paul taught me. And he didn't even "Teach" those, he embodied them. And I watched and grew an inspiration to be that. If Paul is reading this, he might think this maybe is an exaggeration or a bit far fetched. But it’s not, sometimes small actions you don’t notice yourself doing can greatly inspire somebody else.

Everything I've done with music, A lot of it, roots from my classes with Paul. The guy is a titan behind the board and outside the studio. Up above are some photos, Glimpses of him kicking your ass. And being a titan doesn't resolve the eternal question of space echo vs two space echos. 


Paul is mixing our second album titled ‘Midnight, Carlight’, He’s smashing it. I now own one of the space echos from his studio and it sits right on my desk in my bedroom studio.




Being in a room and recording music is nothing short of the most spectacular feeling for me. It's the blast off of hearing it back through the monitors for the first time. Which follows with excitement and joy. I create and record music in my bedroom mainly, on my computer, with pro tools.

But that's the brilliant thing about music now a days, anyone can record an album anywhere with anyone. And it doesn't matter how you do it. In a fancy studio, analogue, digital, on your laptop in your room. If it works than it works. As long as your happy and feel your expressing yourself the way you want to express yourself. Nothing else matters than just doing it. That's the funnest part.