When I first listen to a song, I pay attention to the lyrics. I love listening to lyrics. The right lyric with the right melody at the right time in your life can be atomic. 

The best is when you find videos or read ups with the artist explaining certain lyrics or songs. And you can find the genuine passion for what they're trying to express though their music. So I thought maybe I'll do this with 'Waves'. It's one of the first songs I wrote so it's no master piece by any means, but it does hold everything I felt at that time. And I think that can be worth sharing. 

When I wrote waves I was in a relationship that had gone on for quite some time. She was from New Zealand and me Vancouver, It all started at Green Lake, 100 Mile House, BC. I met her at a cabin party a mutual friend was throwing. I asked her on a date after that weekend and then 5 months later she's off back to New Zealand. That's when we started long distance, and anyone who's done long distance knows the trials and turbulence it can cause. It can weigh you down and make you not feel the same. And it's only cause all you want to do is see each other. That's where this song comes from, the longing I felt to be with her. I was bussing 4 hours a day to a horrible pizza job in maple ridge, Cause that was the only job I could get right away to start saving up money to get flights. I later got fired then found a coffee shop job closer to home. It took me a bit to save up the money but as soon I had enough I bought flights. We did this two times. a total of almost a year spend doing long distance. It was during those times I started writing waves. 

'We go in search of a place
A cabin by a green lake
A hidden place far away
We call home

Strange times we live in a car
In dreams we're ghosts on a shore
We fall back to the floor
We are home'

There's a few memories or moments in my life that I feel are powerful enough where when I look back at them. They're so overwhelming with emotion and passion, that even in the years that have passed. I can still fully feel exactly what I felt that day. And this chorus was written from the memory of the day I said goodbye to her at the airport. I wanted more than anything to be in the same place as her, where we didn't have to say goodbye anymore. I wanted to bring it back to that weekend at Green lake in 100 mile house. So it could all happen again. 

'Strange times we live in a car'

We did many road trips together, one of them we drove all the way down to Mexico and back. And when we road trip, we don't do hostels or hotels. Stuff like that. We camp, if it's beside the car on the highway, on a beach, in a forest. We had a air mattress and blankets. The world was our living room. On this road trip though, my car blew up. In the middle of Nevada dessert. 6 hours later a tow truck came and hauled us to a small town with a population of 200, called Portola. It had just turned into November and in the dessert it was getting down to -10 over night. We had no place to sleep and no money for vacency after car repairs. The automan, 

'Pink hair, She's so unusual' 

On our first date, I took her to America for the day. And on that same day, I had found the song 'I Wanna Get Better' by Bleachers. I was in love with that song, you know when you find a song that fits so perfectly in your life you put it on repeat, over and over. I showed her the song on the drive down, and luckily she really liked it to. We listened to it on repeat the whole date. And on the cover for that single, is a girl with short pink hair. 

I won't go over every line in this song, cause you'd be reading an essay at that point. But I hope you can tell how much I put myself in these lyrics. I wanted every line to carry a memory with it. I wanted to express my yearning in a powerful chorus. 


I didn't want the chorus to be this sad sappy thing, Cause I don't think that's all our relationship is. I wanted to show the good times. Times like that crazy road trip we took down to Mexico and back. My car blew up on that road trip. In the middle of the Nevada dessert. The car was now rubbish. We got towed to the closest town called Portola. It was small, I mean maybe like 200 hundred people small. Had one auto shop. A beer and wine, a market, and few little shops. We had no place to sleep, no money left after car repairs. We didn't even have food. The automan saved us. He really did. It got down to - 10 degrees that night. He offered for us to stay in a cabin he was building, it was just a start up. He had only gotten the walls up. But atleast we would have wind protection. This cabin, Was around a 30 minute drive straight into the woods. 5 minutes of it were on a dirt path he had made himself. He was living in a trailer near the cabin. He brought us 9 beers, a slab of salami, A block of cheese and some canned peaches. That would last us the next day while the car was being fixed. He also gave us a little radio so we could have some tunes. His name was Dillion. Dillion's Auto Shop, Portola. I owe a lot to that man. That's where the line 'strange times we live in car' came from. We always had crazy times in my car. 


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