Hi. My name is TJ. I'm a drummer, producer, audio engineer from Port Moody, BC. A small town outside Vancouver. I enjoy creating music and collaborating with artists and musicians. I'm a fan of this crazy life. Drumming is my passion. It's the compelling bit that drags you to get up before the sun and hop on a channel boat and love it. It's a thrill. The unscratchable itch to perform music is why I drum. To be able to spread a feeling through music to a group of people is fucking awesome. Production is another appendage of mine. I started attending Nimbus School of Recording Arts in September, 2013. Where I've been mentored by Dean Maher, Paul Boechler and GGGarth Richardson. These are heros to me. Both in inspiration and me becoming. I will be studying at Nimbus till the fall of 2014. Feel free to contact me with any questions about an upcoming project, or if you just want to chat drums and music. 


Contact :
Mobile - 778 321 5830
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