Shiver like I'm gonna try.

I do this to amuse myself, I like writing. It's the thrill of creation that wiggles my butt out of bed. So here's a preview of boy meets girl, The last little bit of the song. Crazy and laser like sane. There's so much going on in this last chorus/outro. I wanted not just a wall of sound, I wanted a wall of crazy noise. I wanted this song to be rad. A song stretched out across trials and experiences, A song made by a thirst for something swift and halting. This is the result. I like it. 

Some of the layers of what you're hearing

The Lasers - 

                An overdriven Moog with it looped back within itself to create a feedback loop, then taking that crazy feedback loop out of the Moog, you get lasers. Its mad. 

Moog Dive - 

Moog feedbacking to a certain note. Gliding from a low octave to high then back

Moog Stutter - 

Same as the dive, but I stuttered the glide with a dotted 8th note feel

Twin Reverb Drop - 

I Dropped an Twin Reverb amp on the ground and mic'd it. It's paired
with every 1st and 5th snare hit in the chorus. 

Laser Bomb - 

I took one of the laser sounds I got from the moog, slowed it down 800%

Gabby - 

            She sang the progression with whole note ahhhs, Then we added 3 harmonies, with                      each harmony having 3 layers of her voice to create a synth like vocal tone. Then I chopped it up and created my own rhythm out of it

So... Lasers! It will be out soon. Just finishing up the final touches of the mix. Zak Johnson is whipping something up for the album cover. Thems the brakes

TJ Gibson