Strange Noises

If you've seen the Mickey Mouse "Twice Upon A Christmas" movie, You might remember the scene where Donald Duck, Frustrated with the holiday festivities, is trying to escape the tune "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". But everything he walks by or that is involved in his day is always playing the melody. He gives the cashier change for a hot cocoa. The change drops into the register and the coin noises produces the melody of we wish you a merry christmas. He accidentally knocks some wine glasses and the way they hit each other produces the melody. Even with non musical objects, well you'd think they'd be non musical, He fails to escape the song. A bit of a segue but! I thought it was really cool how they played it out. And it's completely possible! Every item in your house, or outside on the street can be turned into a musical voice. The little clip of music up top is sounds a couple of friends and I gathered from things around town. Us hitting an ironing board with a big stick... That's the snare. A laundry detergent bottle (Half empty) to produce more "umph", is the kick. The hi hats... this is my favourite. Is me opening a pop can super fast. The shist of that first crack. Replayed and looped in time. Listen for it. Then I open it slower and louder for the open hi hat feel. Then wine bottles for the melody and almost string sounding instruments. The part where it breaks down... That's the crosswalk beeping noise. You know the little beep the pole gives to let you know it's safe to walk. We recorded that, Then I pitched it up or down to form a melody. Before you hear a little high pitch kinda sweepy thing happening. That's a skytrain pulling up. Sped up I think 650%. Everything has a sound, or a voice. Oh! And the wine bottles had different levels of water in them for different notes. Some of you already probably know that trick though, Clever Canary's. Anyways... Yeah the earth. Its full of music. You can find it in everything you touch. That laundry bottle kick drum, I use it a lot of songs I mix. It sounds more like a kick drum then most kick drums do. Explore. 

TJ Gibson