In This Dreamland

Thanks to the boys Robbie Blythe and Chrisa Mcabeth! For filming, tape oping and letting me bum out my drums in your basement! All Mixing, Engineering, Video Editing and Drumming was done by me. 

Love the song, The chorus is such a chant along that you wanna sing everytime it comes around. The lyrics in this are awesome. If you wanna dig into it more you should read them! Really cool song. 

On the topic of dreams, And why I added that little piece of AVA at the end, Their new album just came out labelled "Dream Walker" It's all about lucid dreaming and the power of being creative, Doing something interesting with your existence. One of my favourite all around albums. Check it out! 

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Wish you all the best for the new year. 

- Teej

TJ Gibson