Hi there, Just wanted to share with you some music, A few tunes that if you were the old lady that lives above me you'd be sick of hearing. Sorry old lady,

these walls are thin. 

Maps - The Front Bottoms : Simple lyrics but oddly unique. "One day you'll be washing yourself with hand soap in a public bathroom" Groovy instruments and a cool vocal phrasing, I really dig the 'talon of the hawk' album from them, give it a listen. Favourite song by them is probably 'Skeleton'. 

Venice - The Lighthouse and the Whaler : filled with cool rhythms and swimming pool synth tones. Nice simple relaxing song. I tend to have this playing while I'm in the shower, 

Anomaly - Angels And Airwaves : This is off the album 'Dream Walker' A rare acoustic performance from Tom Delonge. It's cool, this is the album finisher. And the whole song is shaped around the line "I never wanted to coast, I always wanted to be an anomaly" And the album being very electronic, it was very odd to end it with a sappy acoustic song. But this song being so strange and opposite to the albums sonics is the anomaly. Listen to 'The Wolfpack' for a feel of the album, On the road trip down to mexico, I think I played that song every hour. The Chorus... 

I Witnessed A Crime - The Horrible Crowes : 'In this dream I had, My screams were babies breath, I watched her steal the air, right from the atmosphere' The singer has a great broken vocalist sound. The orca guitar and the organs. Next time you're driving at night. Turn this on. 

I Want You - Lindsay Buckingham : If you can get past the first 45 seconds it becomes great. Listen for the vocal processing and panning from speaker to speaker. The verses are spread in a call and response panning from left to right, Then the chorus kicks you in the gut with the mono vocal hook. 

Carousel - Blink 182 : It's old, fast and kicking your ass. I've got this on cassette, Vinyl, CD, it's always there. Even in my faded pink granny mobile you can call a car. If you haven't listened to this atleast once in your life you should give it a go. I don't think I've met a bassist that doesn't know that intro. It's a simple fast punk song about growing up. 'a tank of gas is a treasure to me, I now know that nothing is free'. 

I love listening to music, the first thing I do when I wake up is throw on a record and have it playing in the back ground as I put on pants and crawl into the white walls of the shower. Just to realize I haven't got out of bed yet and the snooze button is shouting my name. 

I listen to music at least 5 -6 hours a day. I love listening to lyrics, that's what I notice first. then comes the hook and sonics. A song can compel you to be brave, to be sad, to look up. The right song at the right time can be atomic. That's what's so awesome about it. This person you've never met. Is coming through a bunch of wires and giving you their hearts on a small sleeve. Music can be a vulnerable thing, both for the artist and the listener. It's atomic. 



TJ Gibson