Down the rabbits hole.

• Courtesy of an Iphone 5... and my beautiful mom. 

• Courtesy of an Iphone 5... and my beautiful mom. 

So I wanted to start a blog about my learnings and experiences through school and music.  I do this to amuse myself. I like writing. 

The Kick Drum. A mythical piece of wood invented by the brilliant Gabriella Pittu. "If you bang it hard enough a song may come to life". I'm going to skip the basics of miking a kick drum and assume you already know. No need for another origin story. I want to talk about some creative little things the class and I have been trying out in the studio. We tuned the kick drum to the note G, Threw up a 421 on the reso head and a RE20 on the beater. Boom and Click. We then hooked up a Juno and a Oberheim Synth and taped the note G down so it would always be playing. Finding a deep cutting bass tone, we gated the synths to the kick. Every time the kick drum was hit, it would trigger the oscillators to create a punchier kick. Then we would send the signal of the synth and kick to a bass amp that was in a different room. With the bass amp settings set to a sub low. We then threw a mic in the far corner of the room to pick up the bass amp. Now go back to the control room and throw it through a 1176, Transient Designer and combine everything into a madness of a sound. You get an unbelievable kick drum sound. It's a lot, going through all of that set up just for one piece of a drum kit. Heck, just tuning the drum to a note can take a bit. But if you got the time, the resources, and the knowledge it's every bit worth it. You've got punch. You've got umph. You've got a kick drum that makes your ribs rattle. Pulse. 

I'll post about the snare drum in the near future, and trust me. I could've of gone on. That isn't enough to give it justice. But for you to get the basic idea. A glimpse into a different way of getting a killer kick drum sound. Any questions, Give a shout to my email. 

Now to segue down the rabbits hole. I've got an EP coming up. It's going to be 4 songs. It's going to be crazy and laser-like sane. I want to wish for something new. I want to create something that resonates with people. A wiggle of a butt, it can evolve. Recording back beats, creating reason for songs to become. It will be good. In the meantime, Here's a photo my mom took while I was out writing, with my dog. He's a lochness slayer ;) 



TJ Gibson