Start The Machine

* I want to believe...

* I want to believe...

Pontificating a dream. This is what I do on saturday nights. Pontificate. Funny word. You know when you speak a word one to many times over and over and it starts sounding absolutely ridiculous and made up? Who thought of that word? Vowels and weird mouth shapes to make a word that can carry weight. A well thought out sentence can destroy, create and even wiggle a butt into adventure. A thought out conquest of words to make a sentence... Can hold, so much. 

I started recording the first demos for my EP today. I'm cowriting the whole thing with a fellow friend Francis Henson. It's good, It's different. If you know me, I can't sing. The sounds that manage to escape my throat and glide off my tongue manage to even surprise my ears of how awful they are. To paste an image into your head of what this is like. Imagine the glorious sounds of a T-Rex's mating call. This makes it hard to clearly communicate the melodies in my head to a physical waveform for others to hear. So here I am, It's demo time. Francis and I are doing some home recordings and I have a vocal melody in my head for the Pre Chorus. Here we go... Wiggle. I let out a few T-Rex screeches and in fractions Francis has found the melody in my head and it's already on the wooden neck of the guitar. it evolved. A thought out conquest of notes to make a melody. I believe there should be reason for every note in a song. An origin of where it came from. That's what I want this Ep to be. I want you to not only be able to hear the songs, but the reason for them. 

Other news, I've got 3 drum covers in the works. Black Skinhead, Counting Stars and Do it for me now. I really enjoy doing drum covers. It's almost therapeutic. It's not the most insane production quality. Just filmed with a gopro. But I like that. The cool thing about the gopro is you can't see what the shots look like when you're filming. So when I get home and start editing it's always a guess and a surprise to what the footage looks like. With very little planning these covers turn into a chance to be with friends in a studio. A fun session to bang on some wooden shells. Robbie Blythe, Chris Mcbeth. Thank you. The shit I love about you resonates. 

So! that brings me back to pontificating a dream. You must wiggle your butt for anything to evolve. Embarrass yourself. 

Well, them's the breaks! 



TJ Gibson