Green Eggs And Sam.

Hello again! Just wanted to give an update on the Ep. Give you a glimpse of the world inside Francis's and I combined efforts. First. The EP is being written from the point of view of an astronaut, named Sam. Stranded on the moon. Desolated. As Sam orbits around the earth he's to witness world war 3. All his loved ones, Friends, Family, Everyone he's ever met. It's all gone. He's the last one. as he solemnly orbits the earth. The quiet orchestra of depression and death echo through his head. Fear. Loneliness. How can we escape such large monsters? How can one who has seen so much be brought back to life with a simple thing. A wiggle, A nudge? A spark of a something new. A blank page. They say that supreme joy is found in the soundless frolic of shooting stars. 

I want to strive for big themes on this EP. Something bigger than a song about wanting a girl, or a break up song. Not to be mis guided. You could've caught Francis And I blasting "Can you feel the love tonight" They're good songs. But I don't know. I want to wish for something more. I want a song on this EP to leave you pondering, and thinking. To put you in Sams head. A completely subjective point of view on humanity and the earth. Watching from above. Why do we feel that the only answer is men forcing the hand of mortality upon another? To turn a phrase, Why do we struggle to breath a more righteous breath, when we all end up in the same place?

To settle the green eggs incident, Sam does not like green eggs and ham, He will not eat them on a boat, neither will he eat them on a goat. Only one clam per ham. Sam. 

Also! Got another drum cover coming soon. "Bad Blood" - Bastile. Lots of linear beats and wacky like syncopation. Should be out in a week or for you minute freaks out there, 196754 minutes. 

Have a good friday night. Do something embarrassing.  





TJ Gibson