Bad Blood - Bastille Drum Cover

Aw man This cover was lots of fun. Took a lot of takes! The beats are hard, Definitely the most technical stuff I've written on a kit. I was driving home from school and heard this on the radio and immediately started to tap out little rhythms to it. I went pretty linear on this cover. I think it adds a certain groove to it that it was missing. Specially when the chorus comes around. The groove sits right in pocket and feels good. I know I've found the right beat for a song when I can feel it come out and punch my rib cage. 

Bastille's headlining R&V this year! And I'm not going to be there... 

Big thanks to Roel who helped engineer it with me, Though I found asleep in the control room during the session! Can't blame him though. It was a 9pm - 9am slot. Around 5 - 6am, The energy and the excitement starts to wear and you remember there's a thing called sleep. 

And Thanks to Robbie Blythe, For yet again. Filming!

Couldn't of done it with out you guys.

TJ Gibson