Started with a shiver

* After a full night of drumming, 7am Listen back. 

EP update . Drums have been recorded. bass, guitar, piano, synth, random sporadic sounds to make a pulsing back beat. Laser sounds... Gang vocals, layered synth vocals. It's all been recorded. Lead vocals are really the next thing to happen. Then off to the land of mixing it. There's so much I can go on about with this EP. Sonically of course. I recorded myself dropping an amp that produces crazy sane like laser sounds when it gets dropped. Weird. But rad. I dropped sand bags on a wood floor to create a stomp type umph. I dropped bolts and screws on the ground to make an industrial type shaker effect. Really... In the late hours of night and the early hours of morning, if you stroll by east 2nd and main. You'll be able to hear strange things being dropped from various heights. That's the whole EP. 

There's so many people to thank and credit for this EP. And it's not even halfway done... I feel crazy lucky to have these people in my life. Eliot, for tuning my drums into a singing choir, Kirk for tape oping that session, Thor (Yes his legal name is thor) and no, he does not call his penis thor's hammer. Daniel for that synth line in the 2nd verse. Mik for the intro rhythm guitar inversion of A. Zak for those manic whispers. Gabby! for her crazy gang vocal production and killer voice. That synthy vocal intro is her voice. Caleb for those woah ohs you'll hear. It kills me, in the greatest way, how much collaboration is happening on some of these songs. Paul, a great prior teacher of mine and an inspiration. Comes in to listen to the beds and give his input on what I can do to escalate the song higher. after listening to it 5 times I have 2 full pages of notes and gnarly new thrills to try out! Paul completely flipped the verse on it's head! but it's so rad. I'm thrilled to start working on it again. It's funny. He said to me "TJ, you're introducing your vocal and you most complicated drum beat at the same time." I've worked on this song for 2 months now. And not once did I ever think of that... But all it takes is someone else listening to your music and uttering a short sentence to have new life spark a wild fire back into your song.

So it's come the time where I've started to write lyrics for all these songs. And sadly, I think I'm going to throw the Sam the astronaut concept on the back burner. It all started with trying to write lyrics for this lovy dovy song. It's a pop song. With the attempt of me trying to hide that with loads of lasers and weird explosions of noise. But when Francis first sang the chorus melody. The words "I wanna fall in love with you" just escaped his mouth. It came natural. It's a love song. The melody screams it. Even through originally, when francis and I wrote the song I didn't imagine it to be a love song. I didn't want to write about love on this EP. But I felt that if I fought the idea of this being a love song I would be giving a deservice to the song. Trying to make it something it's not. Sometimes you can't help what you write about. And I have a lot I want to say on these songs, so this EP isn't going to be following a concept. Just francis and I putting ourselves and our hearts out there, for you to molest and touch. 

I've been incredibly stoked on some of the new music that is coming out, This past month there's been some killer stuff released. So here's a few tunes (old and new) that you'd hear many times a day if you were the old lady that lives above me. 

1. I wanna get better - Bleachers (This song... Is kicking your ass. Sonically and lyrically)               "In a blaze of fear I put a helmet on a helmet" - This whole album sounds like a john hughes movie. 

2. You are dangerous - Steel Train - Jack Antonoff from FUN. and Bleachers. this is his semi older band before he became the guitarist for FUN and started solo project Bleachers. Can this guy write bad music? You can hear the springsteen in steel train. But can you expect anything else when your from jersey? 

3. West coast - Coconut Records - Just listen to this, Driving on a rainy day. 

4. Indie cindy - The Pixies - Don't think I need to say anything about the pixies. 

5. Skeleton - The front bottoms - Sometimes after hearing so many auto tuned and or just naturally talented people on the radio. this guy feels like a cold cup of water to the face. Listening to this is like eating broccoli after you just shoved all the sugar coated candy you can fit in your mouth. 

If you're reading this, that's awesome. You get a prize. It was a bit long but it's been a while since I've done one and quite a bit has happened that I'm stoked to share with you. Here's the smallest of hints of the sounds and kind of what to expect from one of the songs on the EP. Just a simple recording of the bed tracks with the vocal melody scratch track in there for you to grasp what the melody is going to be. No lyrics yet. Just lade dada's :) 


TJ Gibson