Some frames from the sessions we've been having at the farm studios, I headed in there with the old sport Paul Boechler around 2 months ago to record a new song. Now, I'm in New Zealand with my girlfriend living up in northland. It's beautiful but the studio is a hard place to leave. It's a room, or an ensemble of rooms that feel like home to me. Walls built for the endeavour to create something new. I walk in, And I get this feeling. An unscratchable itch to transform. It's really the only place I feel I fully belong. It's something else. Creating something with friends. Selling them on the idea of a song.

I started to pontificate a song. Like pooh, I wiggled my butt. I made a demo. With my friends Garrison and Francis. Writing a song is freezing a moment. Almost like snapping a photo. But you're capturing words and melody, The gasping kick and snare, the laser like sane synth. a summer guitar. All with reason. To thrash a glimpse of your life into a tangible art. Knowing that people will hear it, She will hear it. I think that's what makes it sane. I think if I created art for just myself, There'd be a lot more mermans. I want people to connect with my songs. To draw out their own meaning, I think that's awesome. It's tentative, I hope you enjoy this one. 

The song is called 'Ghosts' and I wrote it while I was living 7000 miles away from my girlfriend. We've done long distance before, So it wasn't that big of a change for us. But it's hard. 6 months this time. She's from New Zealand and me from Vancouver. Sometimes life doesn't work out and we can't be in the same place. That's what this song is about. It's a summer nostalgic, It's trying to find that place that me and her can be together and it can all work out. A cabin by a green lake I put. 

I think the best you can do with your loved one, your best friends, family or dog. Is try your best to indulge into each others fantasies. But seriously, time runs out. Maybe you only get 7 more weekends with them before not seeing them again for 9 months. Dig your feet in the sand and enjoy the weather. And remember the strange times together. 




TJ Gibson