Great Balls Of Fire

Back when I was attending school some friends and I recorded a cover of Great balls of fire on 4 track tape. One take, live off the floor straight to tape. It was heaps of good times. 4 mics. One for the drums and bass, one for the guitar, one for the Piano and one for the stunning vocalist, my friend Taryn. It was my first time with my hands on tape so it's rough. I would love to do it again, Luke, Owen, Kirk and Taryn. If you're reading this. Round 2? Marvin Gaye? There's nothing like having your friends in a room recording to tape. There's something warm, almost like listening to the crackle of a fire while you and your friends sit around it. Listening to it back, I can hear the memory. Listen to analogue distortion on the vocals, listen to the flux of the tape. That's the warm crackle of a fire. 

TJ Gibson