What I've Been Listening To

Just a little list of songs I've been listening to, Give these a listen! 

1. Suburban Kings - Tom Delonge 

Off Tom Delonges first solo record, Summer synths in the chorus, Breezy suburban feel! Growing up in a suburb it's easy to relate to this song. There's something rad about growing up with your gang of friends in a suburb and all the stupid shit you get up to. This song incapsulates all of it! Fucking rad. 

2. Kiss The Breeze - Sticky Fingers

This is my shower song, If you want a relaxed warm day the vinyl sample in this song will head you in that direction. Super chill song, easy listening. Feels like you're listening to Analog tape. Think sunny road tripping down the oregon coast. 

3. Feels Like Summer - Panama Wedding

Recently discovered this guy and holy batman! catchy hooks everywhere! Yeah... this song lives it's title. Summer, Spanish banks skim boarding with friends. Groovy tune that's easy to roll your shoulders to. 

4. Turning - Young Rising Sons

Another new find! Love these guys, A little like fun I think... Radical bass tones and catchy melodies. Give this whole EP a listen and you'll love it all, it's good! 

5. Crash Demo - Sum 41

This is the best break up song I think I've ever heard... You can hear how raw dyreks feelings are, there's so much heart in his performance. I find the demo better cause it's just him and the piano, the only two things a break up song needs. Recorded on his iphone. Passion. You can hear it. 

6. Chocolate - The 1975

Another great summer song! I challenge you to try and understand what he's saying without looking up the lyrics. Summer tones everywhere, the drums, the guitar, Call it a split. It's actually about growing up in a suburb and doing drugs. 

8. Golden Showers In A Golden State - Tom Delonge

Is it 2002? cause this song sounds like a bonus off take off your pants and jacket. Young blink guitar riffs with lyrics about sodomizing your family. This song brings back good memories of california! It's fast, poppy, and frothing for a west coast summer. 

TJ Gibson