Wanted to do a quick blog on my STA's new song 'Boy Meets Girl'. a friend sent me a cover late last night and it's what inspired me to write this. It was her voice and a acoustic guitar singing boy meets girl. Right away I fell in love with it! It was so refreshing and a bare boned version of it. It was an absolutely lovely cover that took me off guard, It's a personal song with lyrics about someone very special to me... But when someone else is singing it and you hear their own taste and heart in it. It totally takes you back into a third person perspective and it's a strange feeling, but cool. The song has a couple lyrics that really hit home for me. 'Shiver like I'm gonna try' - 'Screaming at myself 'help'  - 'I wanna fall in love with you' - 'Out of the shadows I found you'. It's about being afraid of love, though love can be the best thing it can also tackle you down. If you've been sacked by love it's a horribly scary feeling becoming that vulnerable again. But then you meet that someone that changes things and you get up on your feet. This song started off with me and a friend sitting at pool 99 and my friend telling me about this girl that I have to meet. A few weeks and a awkward but funny ferris wheel ride later, We're going out. And as the relationship goes on and builds you start realizing how lucky you are and these pheromones take place. 

"Shiver like im gonna try" I think that's when your heart wins over your brain. And you shiver, you should. It's scary. You're in for a roller coaster ride. "Screaming at myself 'help" those nights where you lay in bed and she's the only thing you're thinking of, and you stop and go "fuck... don't do this, don't fall in love, You'll only get burnt" But she's there, in your dreams, living in the world inside your head. And you fall in love. 

Pool 99

Pool 99

I think that the best way to plant a seed of friendship is to jump into a shitty car and drive, travel anywhere you can go. Eat P & J's everynight, sleep on beaches, climb cliffs to a view of the ocean, listen to each others playlist to the point you hate every song on them. I think if you do that, you'll find yourself sitting in the shade of a tall oak tree. 

Here's to Deina's cover, I'm very very! lucky to have someone so talented cover boy meets girl, Her version shows how simple the song is, 4 chords and a heart on ones sleeve. Absolutely beautiful! 

TJ Gibson