Tunes Tuesday

Love Yourself - Justin Beiber
• I think this is the first tune that I really dig from Justin, And it was all in this live performance that got my hooked. Amazing vocal phrasing and tone. He kills it! The

The Ballad of Me And My Brain - The 1975
• Out of the new album, This has got to be my favourite. And I think it sounds most like the 1975 debut album. Which I like this album, but that first album was gold. One of my favourite front to back LP's. I enjoy the nostalgia in this one. 

Scooby Snacks - Fun Loving Criminals
• An oldie from the 90's. 

Landed On Mars - Atlas Bound
• The ascending to descending riffs in this song really capture my attention, This hypnotic like  tune is great to drive to in rainy Vancouver. 

Holocene - Bon Iver
• Mm. ly in bed and watch the rain tap the window. 



TJ Gibson