Sam The Astronaut Album Update #1

Drums Drums Drums. It started with drums.

The back beat of the album has been recently recorded at Little Mountain Studios down in West Van. I had two beautiful engineers helping me out on this one. Jeff Hilman and Sean Peacock. Together we smashed 7 songs in 9 hours. The drum sounds we got are all killer, no filler. We tracked it all on mostly the same kit set up. But we changed small things around, Rather it be having one song with a upside down head on the snare drum, Just moon gels, Nothing... Or paper, moon gels and an upside down head for the beefiest umphiest 80's snare. Or a small mic change like the snare bottom mic changed to a snare side mic. It's nice to have that continual drum tone going through the album but not to the point where it's the exact same setup and sounds. Keeps it from getting wrinkly. 

And yes yes... We had two U87's and I used one of them as a crush mic... I'm still in limbo from that. 

We have one more month of tracking to complete everything... A daunting task. Specially when you have little money and you're trying to get it done as cheap as possible. Though, I'm driven, I want this album to be made and fast! I want Sam The Astronaut to have something cool and good. It's just Garrison and I. Two dudes and a astronaut. We want to have a good time. We want people to enjoy the music as much as we do. 

We just wanna dance. 

After we finished our demos we did a little diddy of 1975's 'Robbers on acoustic, Just recorded with the good iphone and the lyrics are muffed up. Heckle us

TJ Gibson