Sam The Astronaut Album Update #3

Bugga. It's almost done. The tracking part atleast. We're on vocals. Then gangs and synths. Then I mix it and call it a album. Phew. Though... this whole album I feel like my mind has been slowly going missing. It's a funny thing. You try and be as creative as you can, for as many hours of the day while you record an album. And that takes a weird toll on you. I find talking with friends strange just cause I'm in a weird head space and I've become way more introverted over this process. Not really a fan of talking to strangers right now. All I have on my mind is the album. And of course I can't talk to everyone about it all the time. So it's weird. I've just come to the belief that I'll be a loner for the next 2 months til it's finished and done. Then hopefully go back to normal. 

There's a song called "The Ballad Of Me And My Brain" by The 1975 and it's about the lead singer Matty and his struggle with his art and success and how he feels that he's lost his mind with it all. Very cool track. And that's what I'm related with right now. So friends if you're reading this, I apologize if I've been a bit bonkers lately. I'll find my mind in the summer. 

TJ Gibson