Sam The Astronaut Album Update #2

The past week we've been working on bass, We had the first session in my room with a flat of molson and a D.I box. Just focused on getting the takes that we'd re amp at the studio later. Both the 'room' session and the Re Amp session was gravy! The bass sounds on this album are going to be warm and fuzzy. We used a STV amp head with a Ampeg 8x12 Cab. With a Sansamp pedal going into the head. This album is going to have a pretty healthy combination of synth bass and electric bass guitar. Some songs with either and some with both. Time to dip the fingers into synth bass. 

We did try and track guitars the other day. It was a great time. I wasn't able to score some studio time so I asked around and a friend was able to throw me his rehearsal space for the night. We brought the gear and set up a little rig studio on the floor. We had fries, We had molson. It was a time! But... The AC30 broke. So we did have to call it quits. A little bummer but it was still a great time with the bois. 

We've got Saxophone and guitars coming up tomorrow, Extremely stoked to record a Sax, This album is full of first's for me and I find that refreshing and fun. The process is good when you're reaching for new tools and jumping in unknown waters. Though, I have completely lost my mind. Anyone that has hung out with me the past 2 weeks has probably noticed. It's mush! I can't find it. It's gone for a run. 

To match this beautiful day we have outside, Try this song out.  

Day Wave - Stuck 



TJ Gibson