The song 'Waves' off our new album 'Girls of Summer' Was the song that really inspired us to make the record. After working on waves together, Garrison and I decided to collaborate more and dig into more material together. I wrote the majority of 'waves' in New Zealand on Garageband. It started out full of summer nostalgia synths with massive 80's influence. The intro riff is actually from an old sally's hot tune that Chris Mcbeth wrote that we never ended up using. I called Chris from nz and asked if I could use the riff, he chuckled and said "yeah sure  man, It's not like we ever did anything with it."  Listen Below 

So over a couple days I wrote an early version of what would turn into Waves. When I write, and cause I can't sing. I do all the vocal melody's I have in my head on synth. I think that's what really gives my writing a bit of a weird edge. And mainly the synths I love are the old school 80's analog ones with the cutoff knob (my favourite knob) so I really only write melodies that sound good played through a synth that sounds like it's coming form the breakfast club. Or Queens 'Radio Gaga'. A couple songs really inspired me to write the sonics of Waves. First one, was 'Golden Showers In A Golden State' There's a lyric in their that goes 'We fuck in california' And it's this really summery California sounding song. And at the time my girlfriend and I have been doing these massive California roadtrips which were full of crazy memories that I wanted to write about. Specifically I wanted to write a hard out sex song. About having sex in california, I thought that line from that song was so cool I wanted to base a whole song off it. I wish I could find the first lyrics I wrote for waves cause man would that be embarrasing as. I think it was something like "Hands up, You're under arrest sir. with cuffs on, she wants you deep inside her" Fuck, all I know is that I should never write a song about sex. I think that song would scare away sex. 

Another song that inspired me was 'River' by Together Pangea. It has this driving fast hat drum beat that I loved, It was bones simple and had that given'er feel. Also, 'The Wolfpack' by Angels and Airwaves. Holy crap the synths in that song are soo good. There's these high pitch synth in the chorus that's has me on the floor. The way every 4 beats it goes down then back up. Again, so simple! but so damn affective. 

So when I got back to Vancouver I showed Garrison the synth demo of the song and asked if he wanted to sing on it. But at that point I didn't have the chorus melody yet. So he came up with this one. And I was stoked on it! I loved it, I called my girlfriend and showed her a voice recording of it and she was happy with it, but told me I could do better. And out of everybody she was the one I could trust most with critique. She was not afraid to tell me the truth of what she thought or hold anything back. So I sat in front of my computer that night and for hours played different melodies on my synth. Tell finally I got the chorus melody we have now. When I played it the first time I knew that was it. I called her back and showed her, and she was stoked. 

Here's an example of one of my Waves demos with the new chorus idea, Where I do mostly everything on synths, just to get the idea down. This is where the song really started to take structure and become something full. This is the point in my writing where I start to write lyrics to the synth melodies. 

This is the final demo we did, Threw down vocals and called it a song. This song for me was something I feel I was meant to write. Every piece of it feels like a part of who I am and the things I like. From the 'And now I'm dancing and I can't let go, Thinking about you and I can't, I can't let go" Immature witty line. (Which is purely about me wanking off to my long distance girlfriend. And a little nod to 'Dancing With Myself.) to the Tom Delonge esq little Guitar solo at the end. When this song came on the radio the other day. I heard every part like it was for the first time. And it cracked me up smiling. I can laugh or smile to every single beat, note and motive in the song. Cause every single motive or riff has a memory attached to it for me. When I hear that guitar solo, (Which I freaking had to fight hard to keep that) I remind myself how gay I am for Tom Delonge. And I laugh at myself. The synths? Man some of them are so cheesy, like the simple as organ solo in the bridge. I crack up. I'm a drummer so when I hear me playing other instruments badly. I always laugh at the fact I made a song out of really simple riffs. Because I can't play anything complicated. Because I am honestly at most a mediocre musician. I don't know scales, I have no music theory knowledge. When I have a song with chords, and I write melodies to it on the synth. I just hit all the white and black keys and find out which ones I like to the song and which ones I don't. And that's my scale or 'Key' of the song. Thankfully I have Garrison who is a solid as musician to back up my shit theory knowledge and small pecks.

This might of been a crap shoot of a blog entry and I probably went off topic heaps so it might of been a hard follow. But. That's it. That's how Waves became a song. If you read all this and dig the tune. Have the final version for free. Below. 

Thanks and Cheers for the support,

TJ Gibson