Before I even got close to doing my thing and recording a back beat, I have to give a couple thank yous to the people that have inspired me and kept me on my toes. First, my parents. For coming to every show, to my dad for putting up with the mixing and the band practices in our apartment. to my mom for always believing that I can do it. Just the other day, we had a show. And my mom was there, and while I was on stage looking out at the crowd, I saw two things. One. A hundred people dancing and singing along, my friends, fans. Which is an amazing feeling don't get me wrong, but number two. Was my mom to the side. Looking directly at my and just smiling. I knew I could do anything, screw up a fill, drop a stick. Anything, And she'd still be so stoked on what I was doing. And that's one of the best feelings there is. It really doesn't get better then seeing your mom happy as watching your band play. 

And a big second, Is Paul Boechler. Before I became his student I was just a punk drummer in a punk band. I was just drums, drums, drums. Then he showed me a moog. My first synthesizer experience. He showed me how you could feedback the moog and create laser sounds. Then, he showed me the roland space echo. He threw it on the vocals, and then kept making it delay threw the whole song off that vocal line. Creating a ambient drone. That's when I fell in love with production. I found the impulse to find the most strange sounds and put them in songs. But I had never written a song before. I was 21. I think without him knowing. He madly inspired me to pick up a guitar and start trying to learn to play and write songs. I could go on forever how this class changed my life. It's hard to really get across that I really hadn't even thought I could write a song before it. It never even came across my mind to even try. I was just a drummer. A large part of why sta exist is because of Paul. And a big part of why we continue to working with one of my heros. 

And the third, Is you. The fan, my friend. The friends I have, Are the best friends any person could ask for. The shit I love about you resonates. And I feel like I kinda stumbled into you without deserving such a relationship. The love you show me, for my passions, for the songs. It truly keeps me pushing myself to create the best I can. 

When I first get into a song, One of the things I pay attention to most are lyrics. I get really into trying to find out where the song comes from and what the artist is trying to say. I love when you can find interviews or videos where the artist will talk about the song and what it means. So for those that like the song 'Waves', I would like to do that for you. It's a personal song and I think it's worth sharing for anyone who wants to listen. 

So far but we're getting closer
fast car, the days getting warmer
two hearts, we're stone bricks and mortar
we start, the nights getting colder

When I wrote this song I was in a relationship that had gone on for quiet some time. She was from New Zealand and me Vancouver, And sometimes we couldn't be in the same place at the same time because of that. We went 4 months apart, then another 6. That first line goes back to May 2015 and Canada wasn't turning to summer time. I waited on a sidewalk for 38 hours to get a crazy deal for flights to New Zealand. $475 Return... First 75 people there got them. I was the 75th person in line. The people up front had been waiting for a week. Crazy... Anyways! When you're doing long distance it's awful. But when flight centre gave me that ticket in my hand. It feels so knowing you've got a real set date that you're going to see each other again. Through that was still another 4 months away at that point. It felt good. 

And now I'm dancing and I can't let go
I think about you and I can't
I can't let go
back seat turn up the stereo
pink hair, she's so unusual

Well... The first couple lines you can interoperate on your own. For her parents sake I don't think I wanna mention what those lines really mean. :P 

'Back seat turn up the stereo' that's a line that came from this one road trip we took with two other friends in my car. We drove so San Fran and back, but it was cool. Shadoe and Deina, Were going out as well so really it was this double date road trip, it was silly. But when deina would drive shadoe would be upfront with Deina and me and Georgia would be in the back. And we would listen to each others tunes. So that line is more a memory,

'Pink hair, she's so unusual' Georgia doesn't have pink hair, but it was inspired by something else. On our first date I took her on a road trip to Bellingham and back. I had asked if she wanted to come buy some records with me down there. Told her there was a shop. I know there's plenty of real good record shops in Vancouver, I could of done that any night or day. But I wanted to maximize my time with her, so the best way I though... Was to drive somewhere far away to do something you can do fifteen minutes from your home. It worked! We drove down to Bellingham, stopping along the way for these enormous ice creams. I swear the cone was the size of your head. Both of us couldn't finish ours. I bought us all the classic 'american' candy, you know, the stuff you can only get across the border. To show her the true american experience. Anyways, after going to the shop and the beach we returned home. It was a killer time that date. About three hours before I had picked her up I discovered a song called "I wanna get better" by a band named bleachers. And during that mini road trip date I must of played it almost a dozen times, I loved it, and she loved it. The album cover that was on my ipod for that song showed a girl, with blond and pink hair. 

We go in search of a place
a cabin by a green lake
a hidden place far away
we call home

It's hard, so hard. Saying goodbye to Georgia. These aren't your goodbye, I'll see you tomorrow. Or a 2 weeks from now. Or even a month. This is half a year. 9 months. I can't explain it. I really can't, All I can explain is how bad you wish for a place that you to can be together and not have to say these good byes. You dig deep, and you wish hard. And for me, I think a little cabin, by a little lake. would be nice. 

Strange times we live in a car
In dreams we're ghosts on a shore
we fall back to the floor
we are home

I didn't want the chorus to be this sad sappy thing, Cause I don't think that's all our relationship is. I wanted to show the good times. Times like that crazy road trip we took down to Mexico and back. My car blew up on that road trip. In the middle of the Nevada dessert. The car was now rubbish. We got towed to the closest town called Portola. It was small, I mean maybe like 200 hundred people small. Had one auto shop. A beer and wine, a market, and few little shops. We had no place to sleep, no money left after car repairs. We didn't even have food. The automan saved us. He really did. It got down to - 10 degrees that night. He offered for us to stay in a cabin he was building, it was just a start up. He had only gotten the walls up. But atleast we would have wind protection. This cabin, Was around a 30 minute drive straight into the woods. 5 minutes of it were on a dirt path he had made himself. He was living in a trailer near the cabin. He brought us 9 beers, a slab of salami, A block of cheese and some canned peaches. That would last us the next day while the car was being fixed. He also gave us a little radio so we could have some tunes. His name was Dillion. Dillion's Auto Shop, Portola. I owe a lot to that man. That's where the line 'strange times we live in car' came from. We always had crazy times in my car. 

Originally it was 'laughing we fall back to the floor' but... Syllables. 'We are home' is the optimistic end to the chorus. Cause even through I would love us to be in a place we never have to say those long goodbyes. I realize that's kinda what makes our relationship so crazy. When we're together we always have these enormous times. And in those brilliant times together, for us that's home. Cause when we're 7000 miles apart we can live in the memories.

I watched the waves hit the shore
like when we fall to the floor
we fuck we run we roar
to find home

The bridge chorus, The 'we fuck we run we roar, to find home' line. That isn't about my relationship. I wrote that for everybody I know. It's about everything we do to try and find our place in the world. I always looked at the line "We fuck, We run, We roar" as "The sluts, the geeks, the jocks" these different high school stereotypes, and their characteristics of what they do to find a place they belong. 

That's the song. I try when I write songs to make sure there's at least a few very personal lines that directly relate to something I'm passionate about. And I think it's worth sharing, But don't just take my meaning as the end all. Draw from this song and it's lyrics any way you would like. Have your own meaning, interoperate it so it can hit home to yourself. It's art. I hope you can get something from this song. I hope you've enjoyed it.

And welcome home. 



Art by good friend Zak Johnson 

Sam The Astronaut is a musical project, It's an all original EP from Francis and I containing 4 tracks. In the beginning, I had no clue what this project was gonna become. I wanted at first to write about a fictional character, Sam. Who was supposed to be an astronaut stuck on the moon, The earth being  just a blue dot. But, then I wrote lyrics for 'Boy Meets Girl'. I remember sitting down at Jubilee beach and all that came to me was writing about meeting my girlfriend. I didn't want to, I wanted to write about Sam. But the only thing coming into my head was lyrics about her. I got annoyed at first, Another love song. That's what the world needs. Though, I wiggled my butt. The song holds close to me, I wanted every line and word to have meaning and pull memories from me. Boy Meets Girl is the sequel to the song before it 'Run'. 

Run is very melancholy and manic. The image I have for the 1st verse is a boy in roughed up clothes running down an abandoned industrial street. It's cold out. He's trying to run away from something and his thoughts are attacking him. He can't control it. His escape is day dreaming about the past when he was young and innocent, he feels more alive in his dreams then in real life. But in the shadows of night, his night terrors come and haunt him. Keeping him awake. He's tired. This is the introduction to Sam. Sam is a character that wants to escape to find something new. And that's how Run leads into Boy Meets Girl. Run is about a boy who's running away, and he's scared. 'Boy Meets Girl' is about a boy finding a girl that brings him out of the shadows. 

Sam Boy.jpg