Little Drummer Boy is a Multi Media Company I created when I realized I wanted to do more than music. I started dabbing my fingers in other types of art and found a passion for story telling, animation and children books. After really indulging in it, creating concept art for an animation, writing a children's book and a little novel. I realized I needed a folder to throw it all in. So I created Little Drummer Boy as a multi media production company that will be a home for all my dibble dabbles. 

This is my next big project I am very excited for, I thought of the concept of shadows coming alive and living their own lives apart from ours when I was skyping with my girlfriend while she was in paris. I wanted to be with her in paris to climb and sit on the rooftops to watch the world. I started thinking what that would look like. To the people below us, we would just look like two dark figures, dancing amongst the rooftops of paris. Then I thought of the line "We danced like shadows in the night". Which from there, that blew into million different ideas. I love creating. If it's making a drum beat, painting a picture, drawing a comic. Anything! It's the thrill of creation that drives me to wake up and hop on a boat to a channel island and love it.

So from there... I thought of the concept of a boy shadow and a girl shadow. Who meet up every night when their owners go to bed. To live a life of adventure and fall in love. 

"Like rockets they took flight
And Danced, Like shadows in the night"