May 2017

This is my idea for a children’s picture book, not to be published on a bookshelf or anything, just for myself and any one who wants it.

It’s a world where whenever you go to sleep, your shadow wakes up and starts their own day. I first wrote a poem about two shadows, that are in love, who meet up every night after their humans go to sleep, and they go on little adventures every night. It’s pretty childish. but fun.




Some concept art

And I didn't stop with the poem, I wrote more short stories that take place in this same world. And I want to show you more. Though I figure. This would be a good place to start.


The first poem I wrote that sparked the whole thing

Now there’s one thing peculiar about a shadow at night
When its human goes to sleep, the shadow ignites


The lights go out, and he starts to grin
Finally he thinks, life’s waiting to begin
With ghost like charm he launches from bed
Dreaming, of all the adventures that lie ahead

Dreaming of the stars and the moon in the sky
Tip toeing from rooftop to rooftop, to feel alive
He slips through the window, and drops to the streets
Disappearing into the night, tip toeing with his feet

The darkness broke as the moon shone light upon her
And all went quiet, like snow on the eve of winter. 
She took him by his hand and they’re were off
Shadows in the night, sneaking their way into their favourite shop

Grabbing their favourite food when the time is right
Laughing as they run out, back into the night

And to the rooftops they took flight
Dancing, like shadows in the night

From rooftop to rooftop, tip toeing from star to star
Watching the humans below, wondering who they are
Singing under her breath, they watched as the boats float down
Listening with a breath to spare, to his favourite sound

It was nearing sunrise and the stars said goodnight
Saying goodbye to her was his least favourite sight
He walked her home and kissed her good day
He wished more than anything, that he could stay

He danced his way back to that window where he started his night
Back to his human, for a long day of light